October 8, 2015

Departure Trondheim - the capitol of Mid Norway

We are leaving Trondheim the capitol of Mid Norway. In the bacj we can see the tower at the Nidaros Cathedral.

The ship snchored to the right is MS Lofoten - a generation from the Coastal Express that operated in the period 1960 - 1990.

From the net:
Trondheim, historically Kaupangen, Nidaros and Trondhjem, is a city and municipality in Sør-Trøndelag county, Norway. Wikipedia
Area: 342.3 km². Founded: 997 AD
Population: 178,021 (2012) 

Just outside the harbor we pass the island and landmark: Munkholmen

From the net Munkholmen. Fortress.
Munkholmen is an islet north of Trondheim, Norway. It sits in the Trondheimsfjord about 1.3 kilometres northwest of the island of Brattøra and the mouth of the river Nidelva. Wikipedia

October 7, 2015

Alstahaug, Norway - Peter Dass and the meeting point for the Coastal Express

Sailing along the coast of Helgeland we can ashore have a glimpse of the church where the poet priest of Nordland Peter Dass was active in the 1700.

Image result for petter dass
Petter Dass. Poet.
Petter Dass was a Lutheran priest and the foremost Norwegian poet of his generation, writing both baroque hymns and topographical poetry.

With app. 12 ships in the Coastal Express Service you are bound to meet 1 ship a day at your 12 day T/R trip Bergen - Kirkenes. And also from time to time meeet and anchor in the same harbor.
Such a meeting point is Rørvik in North Trondelag where our ship MS Nordkapp was meeting MS Kong Harald on this day in July

October 6, 2015

The Seven sisters mountain range. Norway

The majestetic 7 Sisters in Nordland, Norway. A fantastic view on a fine day as here.

From the net:
The Seven Sisters form a majestic chain of peaks overlooking the shipping channel plied by the Hurtigruten. Thrusting their heads 1,000 metres above the shoreline, they form a dramatic backdrop to the myriad of islands and lush cultural landscape. Their beauty may be admired equally well from the deck of the Hurtigruten as from a bike out on one of the islands. As with all natural beauties, close contact brings the greatest pleasures .

Another fine day along the Coast of Norway wiyh our ship MS Nordkapp from the Coastal Express

October 5, 2015

Torghatten - a mountain with a hole. Along Coast of Norway

Torghatten - a fantastic nature experience with the big natural hole in the middle of the mountain.

The one and only true story of its origin:
According to the legend of the Helgeland mountains, Torghatten was formed when the troll Hestmannen, disappointed in love, shot an arrow after the young girl Lekamøya who ran away from him. The Troll-King in Mount Sømnafjellet saw this and threw his hat between them; the arrow went straight through the hat and formed the hole. The sun rose, and everyone was turned into stone. 

Just a small hour before passing Trollhatten we left tha small town Brønnøysund at the coast of Helgeland.

Our ship MS Nordkapp from the Coastal Express anchored in the harbor of Brønnøysund

A perfect day for cruising along the Coast of Norway

October 4, 2015

To day a Cadillac at the coast of Norway - Brønnøysund (Bronnoysund)

I am in my cabin at our voyage with the Coastal Express as it is harboring in the small coast town Brønnøysund - just by the polar circle in the North of Norway.

..and what a surprise seeing this grand Caddilac de Ville 1970 arriving just outside while the driver and lady apparently looks for some friends along the arriving passengers further down the quay.

To get the right mood with the photo of the Cad play the Johhny Cash tune "One piece at a time" right here:

October 3, 2015

Tranquility in Valdres. Norway

Tranquility in Valdres. Someplace along route 51 coming down from our visit to the Jotunheimen National Park.

The Madam enjoys a little rest along the road on this fine day up in the Central mountains of Norway

October 2, 2015

Popular region in Jotunheimen National Park, Norway

When going in to Jotunheimen the most popular route is by route 51 crossing the Valdresflya.

Along this route there is a parking where you can hike directly yo mount Knutshoi (in the middle here) or look over to the high Bessho in the back.

The mountain edge in front of Bessho is the very popular Besseggen that is visited by some 30 000 hikers each year. Also the mountains in the left is a part of the National Park have many paths crisscrossing the landscape.

Moody sunset after returning home to our cottage after some days in Jotunheimen

September 30, 2015

A small water fall in the fall. Valdres, Norway

On our way home from our place in the mountains this weekend - we pass this small waterfall surrounded by fall colors.

Typical after the the first night with frost up here (-5C last night)

Cranberries - season's final wild berries

September 28, 2015

Fall by our basecamp in september. Valdres. Norway

We have been some days up at our mountain place. As we had some frost (-5C) in a couple of nights now in the end of September the fall colors is coming in the vegetation up here in the low mountains of central Norway.

Our base camp up here is our cottage build in 1987. Today there is in all 4 houses up here with the cottage, a small guesthouse and to smaller houses for mic. equipment.  At the far left you can even have a glimpse of our small travel caravan - parked up here.

More details of the fall colors near our cottage.

September 22, 2015

Jotunheimen National Park. Norway. September impressions

A fine day in september as we are biking into this fine valley in direction of the lodge Glitterheim in the National Park.

The peak in the back is Glittertind - the second highest mountain in Norway.

WIKI: Glittertind Mountain in Lom, Norway
Glittertind is the second highest mountain in Norway, at 2,465 m above sea level, including the glacier at its peak. It is located within the municipality of Lom, in the Jotunheimen mountain area.

Impressive nature and views as we follow the gravel road into the National Park